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Lifelong learning : your journey, your options, your choices.

Human resources

Humans are the most learning species of the planet.
From birth ‘till our last day, we learn something new. Our flexible minds and physical abilities profit from training, and having the right skills for what you wish to do or achieve in life is essential.

Can you remember everything you have learned?
Can you prove that you’ve been in sufficient work or project experiences to have learned social skills?
Why is experience not of equal value as a certificate?
How can an autodidact get his job for which he trained on his own?

We evaluate ourselves and each other in terms of skills and teachings. Your prep school teachers fill out reports, a logopedist might have monitored your pronunciation or reading speed, and in universities, you get scored on each subject you subscribed (and took the exam).

All this information is spread in paperwork, in archives at different locations, in digital files of the people or organisations who supervised you…
Even if you are trying to make your CV, a few pages just don’t do it. The focus might depend on what you want to do next.

Maybe you have some difficulty finding a job, you might be but one training away to fill that missing skill.

If you have ever played computer games like Shadow of Mordor, Far Cry, Skyrim, Civilization, you will have encountered or experienced the “Talent tree” or “Tech tree”.
Talent trees have become a go-to component that can add depth, fulfillment and replayability to most any game.
They represent your development in game…

Why not have your own ‘talent tree’ as a visualization of everything you have learned thus far?

What if you don’t need to send out CV’s anymore? Just match job requirements to the skills you have, and you immediately see which are suitable.

As a company, you can easily find the right people for your project (internally as well as externally), or offer them the right trainings that are a match between the needs of the person and the goals of the company.

Every project can be added and peer reviewed to your data-pod, and serve as a proof for your next employee.


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