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Our Solid experts guide you today to a re-decentralised tomorrow. From grasping the big picture all the way to integrated flows and practical applications, we immerse you in this journey. Together, we improve the way you deal with the data you provide and consume.

The BIG picture

What is Solid? What might be the implications of this paradigm shift?
We are eager to explore how your business could evolve in this new ecosystem and partake in this blue ocean journey.

The practical picture

Starting out can be scary... We help you discover what those first practical steps could be in your business, so you can reap the benefits from the low hanging fruits that Solid can provide. Let’s discover a good use case together!

Semantic support

Solid data is linked data. This data needs to be easily embedded and efficiently connected to other relevant sources. Therefore, you need to have a future-proof metadata model and well thought out standards. After all, having your data in highly structured and interoperable standards is crucial for any data-driven company.

The practice

Data pods, personal data vaults, mobile/web apps, data standards... Our Solid experts are here to make those first use cases reality. We provide you with all the ‘hands-on experience’ to partake in this next wave of digitalisation.

Retrieve data from pods

Understanding how to access and connect Solid data is a crucial part in your Solid journey. While SPARQL and RDF might sound a little bit exotic, our experts will help you build the connections to those pods and abstract away the complexities.

From data to insights

Having access to your users' data is one thing. Turning this data into insights is something completely different. We can help you build intelligent machine learning models using your linked data to make important predictions about your business.

Real-world applications

The power of Solid really begins to shine when you and your users start using your services built on top of the Solid data. After all, there should be little to no difference in user experience between a Solid app and a classical app. We help you build these applications, whether they are mobile apps or web apps.

Ready to scale

You have done your first exercises, figured out the benefits and possibilities from Solid and you are ready to scale these applications and services? We help you scale your prototypes, POCs and MVPs to a full-blown production-ready application.

Rules, ethics, compliance

Solid is an answer to GDPR and other privacy regulations. Unfortunately, there are still possibilities for abuse and lack of trust. We want to assure that your data requests are both ethical and legally correct, and that transparency is guaranteed. After all, that's what Solid's all about.

Technologies and frameworks we like to use



  • OWL
  • Linked Data
  • ...

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