Use case

What if your employees have a datapod hosted by your company?

Human resources

As employer, you do need and have quite some information about your employees. Their CV, HR, payroll, years of experience, marital status, certifications,...

And all of this information is probably stored in different places, and for many of these information points, the data is locked in some software or platform you have bought or hire.

Having this data in different, separated silo's means that there is a lot of insights and potential that is lost. Just like any other extra-legal benefit, a pod for your employee can be one of them. And it will benefit both you as your employee.

  1. Your employee doesn't need to hire his own data-pod
  2. You both know which data can be accessed and how it is processed.
  3. Better ways of data integration (coupling it with your CRM systems, projects,...) and becoming much more data driven
  4. No more vendor lock in of your company data
  5. Your meta-data model is taken care of by design
  6. Also by design, you are completely compliant with GDPR as well as the upcoming European data regulations and acts
  7. When you onboard or lay of personnel, you can simply couple or un-couple their data-pods


Inspired by the What if your employees have a datapod hosted by your company? use case?

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