The re-decentralization of the web starts here and now

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Konsolidate consists of a team of brave new developers, architects, strategists and analysts with one shared belief: people should gain control over their own personal data.

With that in mind, we guide your business through the decentralized web revolution, powered by personal data vaults, linked open data and the semantic web.

We co-create, accelerate and shape this decentralized future together with you and the best-in-class Solid development and consultancy.

The re-decentralization of the web starts here and now!

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Personal data vaults. Why?

The core idea behind personal data vaults is to decouple application services from the data they provide and consume. These services read data from and write data to one or multiple personal data vaults. The owner of the personal data vault — a natural person, a company, an organization or even a government — can choose which services can read from and write to the personal data vault and keep full control over their own data.

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The re-decentralization of the web starts here and now.
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