Strategic sprint - Board game

Strategic sprint

Randstad, The Flemish and federal government, Doccle, Philips, Microsoft, and the European Union have taken their first steps with Solid. We believe now is the time for every organization to get to know the principles of Solid, as it can help them with privacy and sharing data.

With Solid, you have more data access control. You choose which online information you decide to share, with whom and which governments or companies, and for what reason. Solid is a technology that takes into account almost all European data legislation as it conforms to the Vision of the European Data Economy.

In short, Solid can relieve your company of many headaches you currently have to burden your DPO with. And even more: the use and reuse of your customers' information can ensure mutual trust and better service and product delivery. All great promises, of course, but how do you get started?

The Solid board game

We have the solution for you. Meet our strategic sprint:

  • First session: a deep dive into Solid. The idea, the technology, use cases, demos, and many other aspects
  • Second session: an interactive workshop, using a board game for 4 to 20 participants. In this session, we map your current data processes within the European data economy. At the end of the game, the Solid use cases for your company are visible, and next steps can be considered

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