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Social Media - Social Linked Data - Solid Project


SOLID actually comes from the acronym “SOcial LInked Data”. The initial idea was to have the foundations ready for a way to become independent of the current data-lock-ins from existing social media.  

You stay or join on a social media website, because all your friends are there.

And because your data is there, and the sharing happens on that platform, you can’t really move to a new platform (and take all your data and friends with you).  

By de-coupling data from applications, you can. Your data is stored on your pod, your friends data are stored on their pods.  

Your view on it could be exactly the same as the news-feed you are getting now, or you could download one of the many other ways to visualize it.  

This allows people to have different user experiences, while still being connected with all their friends, independent of the platform they use.


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