Use case

Intellectual property and copyrights


When you write a book, or make a song, you might want to share your creation.

Maybe you want to give it to the world for free under some form of creative commons or copyleft.

Maybe you want to share your song, so it's heard, but only for a few times or to a specific group of listeners or broadcasters.

Maybe you are already famous enough, and people are ready to buy a copy of your book or song.

When you put content on your data-pod, you choose how to share it and under which conditions. You can ask for payment, so they can have a temporary or permanent copy. You might want to share peer to peer?

This is not a problem. as long as you don't monetise or violate current IP and Copyright laws, you can share all you want in all privacy.

The fact that you, as a creator, can be in full control of the settings mean you need to rely on third parties to do this for you (of course, you still can, and maybe want to)


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