Use case

What if you could delegate your data management?


Currently, there are a lot of cookies popping up that require you to indicate if a website can process and share your information.

Especially if you don't agree to share your data, you need to click a lot of times before you can get to the content you wish to see.

When you are in control of your data, you surely don't want to micro-manage all the acces requests manually or by yourself.

We foresee new players in the field who want to be your data-steward.

Just like you can put your money in an investment fund, you can put your data in an investment or steward fund, and let someone else manage the details. Or, like on your current platforms, you accept the default setting (or you set your own default), and have an app do all the rest automatically for you.


Inspired by the What if you could delegate your data management? use case?

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