Call for: a brave new web developer

Flanders, Belgium

Call for: a brave new web developer

Ready to change the web drastically? Then you might just be the web developer we are looking for.


Required knowlegde

Your background

Ready to change the web drastically? Want to work on the development of Solid-based applications? Then you might just be the web developer we are looking for.

As a web developer at Konsolidate, you’re eager to discover innovative, bleeding edge technologies. Whether you are a junior, medior, or senior developer, you will gain understanding of a new way of working, namely the Solid way. You will deliver custom Solid web applications to our clients and work on shaping the web 3.0.

Your profile

As Solid is a new concept, we do not expect you to master it already. We, however, need you to be a developer that strives for quality and uses best practices in order to shape a new web. 😉  That’s why we think you should:

  • Have knowledge of both back-end (Node.js, MongoDB, SQL, AMQP) and front-end development (ES6, HTML5, CSS3) development
  • Have experience working with one of the following frameworks: ReactJS, Angular, Vue.js…
  • Have basic knowledge about RDF, Turtle...
  • Be fluent in Dutch and English

Your job

  • Develop new generation Solid web applications
  • Translate customers ideas or concepts into Solid applications
  • Deliver and find solutions to technical issues by thinking structurally and analytically
  • Learn more about the Solid project, linked data, personal data management, and so on

What we offer (next to a challenging job)

We’ll introduce you to the different aspects of Solid in concrete hands on projects, where you learn by doing, so you’ll become one of our experts in this field. Knowledge is power, but it isn’t everything, of course. We offer a competitive salary with extralegal benefits (insurance, pension plan, car, fuel card, Internet and mobile data plan).

On top of this, you will get:

  • A Macbook Pro or equivalent laptop to do your magic
  • An open-minded environment making time for your personal and professional growth
  • Training days
  • Flexible working hours
  • Free lunch and a supply of coffee, fruits, and candy at the office
  • Hybrid working (with an electric desk, ergonomic chair and second monitor) and a good work/life balance

The Solid project

Don’t know the Solid project yet? Solid is a specification that lets people store their data securely in decentralized data stores, so-called Pods. These are like secure personal web servers for data. When data is stored in someone's Pod, they control which people and applications can access it. A technology desperately needed in these times, if you ask us.

Konsolidate: decentralizing the web, one pod at a time

Konsolidate consists of a team of passionate people who think everyone should gain control over their personal data. With that in mind, we guide businesses through the decentralized web revolution, powered by personal data vaults, linked open data and the semantic web. We co-create, accelerate and shape this decentralized future.

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